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 QSFZB-7242-180 Full Servo Thermoforming machine

A.  Main technical parameter:

1. Maximum forming area: 720*420mm

2. Maximum punching area: 720*360

3. Productivity: 15~36times/min

4. Maximum forming depth: ≤180mm

5. Applicable to material: PP、HIPS、PE、PET、starch-base

6. Total weight: about 7.5ton

7. Total power: about 180kw

8. Machine dimension: 6.5m*2.8m*3m(L*W*H)

9.  Air supply: 0.8Mpa

10. Power supply: 380V/3P, 3phase 4lines. Customize 220V/3P,3Phase 4lines

11. Water supply: 50M3/h


B. Supply sheet rack

1. Feeding reducer with motor: worm gear reducer (Supror)

2. Pneumatic pressure: AirTAC cylinder SC63*25, 2pcs

3. Pneumatic feeding sheet: AirTAC cylinder SC100*150, 2pcs

4. Swinging roller(1pcs), start and stop feeding with automatic


C.  Machine frame

1. Standard square tube frame with 100*100, mould is casted steel and upper is fixed by nut. Upper mould power-driven by 0.55kw reducer motor with Hensel/Gremany.

2. Opening and closing mould driven by eccentric gear connecting rod, driving power by 14.5kw (Inovance) servo motor with 14.5kw Hensel reducer (with brake servo motor), more efficiency, power consumption, cleaner. The eccentric bearings use NA4840 roller bearings, main axis use HRB bearings.

 3. Main pneumatic components use SMC/Japan magnetic.

 4. Feeding sheet device with planetary gear reducer motor, 4.4kw(Inovance) servo controller.

5. Stretching device uses 5kw(Inovance) servo and HENSEL reducer driven gear

6. Lubrication device is fully automatic

7. Caterpillars adopt fully enclosed structure, with cooling device and can manually adjust sheet width.

8. Heating system uses 240*60, 0.65kwGermanyceramic far-infrared heaters (23pcs with probe German imports, 237pcs without probe, total 260 heaters. Power is 169kw), stainless steel upper and lower heating cabinet, upper for vertically 13areas and horizontally 10areas, lower with vertically 13areas,total 23areas to control temperature. Heating cabinet moving by 0.55kw worm gear reducer and ball screw, which make the cabinet more stable and better protection.

9.  Air filtration uses triplet, blowing cup can adjust airflow

10.  Folding mould is consist of fixed upper plate、flexible mid plate and 4pillars which surface hard chrome plating 45#

11. Eccentric is the construction of connecting rod fold mould, with running range maximum 180mm.

12. Electric heating cabinet could be moved horiaontally and vertically freely by guide-rail from Hiwin Taiwan .

13. Toping cups is controlled by ari cylinder from Airtac Taiwan.


D. Waste edge winding device

1. On-line winding

2. Reducer with 0.55kw motor (1pcs)


E. Electric cabinet

1. Human-computer interface: Weinvien/Taiwan

2. PLC: Omron/Japan

3. Servo stretching motor: 5kw servo motor (Inovance) and servo driver

4. Servo folding motor: 14.5kw servo motor (Inovance) and servo driver

5. Feeding sheet motor: 4.4kw servo motor (Inovance) and servo driver

6. Temperature controller: Fuji/Japan

7. Watt hour meter: can calculate accurately the power consumption per ton

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